An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. By- Martin Buber

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KazaalHelping NGO For Dogs (Mission and vision):

How we started.


As soon we found that there are a few NGO for dogs in Delhi, and street dogs are dying every day because no one is caring for them, and then we found our mission.

We understand that our Mission is to create a highly upgraded NGO for dogs, in which all stray dogs able to live their whole life under good care.


Our vision is to make a great life for every street dog by providing the shelter in our NGO for dogs. we want to spread the message of love, peace, and harmony for the welfare of dogs among the animal lovers. is a Non-Profit Organization located in Delhi. We are here to care for street dogs and other animals who are suffering from health problems or hunger. We work with street dogs to make them healthy and happy. our work gives us immense pleasure. We have a team of dedicated volunteers. Trustees of guide their volunteers very well and cooperate with them to work efficiently. .




Our Gallery

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