A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself lov dogs.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. BY- HELEN KELLER

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Untill one has loved an animal, A part of one's soul remain unawakended. ANATOLE FRANCE

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Our Mission

How we started.

As soon we found that there are a few NGO for dogs in Delhi, and street dogs are dying every day because no one is caring for them, and then we found our mission.

We understand that our Mission is to create a highly upgraded NGO for dogs, in which all stray dogs able to live their whole life under good care.

What is KazaalHelping (NGO for Street Dogs)?

KazaalHping is a thought or a passion that wins the world.KazaaHelping will emerge as a force which will become a voice for the bereft of animals. KazaaHelping will not be the only name This is a hope for those innocent dogs Whom no one supports Today, thousands of Street dogs in Delhi spend their days eating garbage. Even the Peoples beat the dogs without any reason, Dogs hands are broken in an accident, no cure is found.

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Even today people do not work in the NGO, they are running as a business and earning money. We want to do something for them by becoming the Kazaalhelping as a Non-Governmental Organization for Dogs or NGO for street Dogs

  • We want to have 1 Volunteer of KazaalHelping in every city of India.
  • We need at least 200 Volunteers in the whole of Delhi so that our family suffices to help Delhi Street Dogs, which will be a shelter in itself.
  • We want to have a shelter of the KazaalHelping (NGO For Street Dogs) itself where Street Dogs can get free treatment.
  • We want all dogs to get 2 times in food in a day in Delhi so that they are not hungry.
  • We want our team to do rescue missions for Dogs and other animals in whole Delhi.
  • We want to get the street dogs to be adopted across the country so that they can get a house to stay.


According to Us, Volunteers can play a huge role in everything we do. We are Nothing Without Volunteers. If 100 or more Volunteer contributes their 2 hours of service, then it will be equivalent of 25 additional full-time employees! Sounds fantastic. Yes, that is right. your few hours of service can change the life of many innocent animals. we Appreciate to those who are willing to give their important time from their busy schedule.
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We are always welcomes helping hands, those are coming for helping us. We need your happy help.NGO For Street Dogs helping someone is the best thing to do. & if help is given with pleasure then it becomes superior thing in this world.All of our current volunteer, are contributing a lot in positive ways and we - just like the organization - fully appreciate this! Thank you so much to our generous supporters for treating the dogs at our shelters.
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We keep running with the assistance of donations from people simply like you, we acknowledge money and kind donations. Your donations will help the pooches at our supporting sanctuaries to get legitimate therapeutic medicines, the pups to get every one of their immunizations on time and help with our sanitization program.We are some young people willing to help Dogs NGO and other animals to make
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Giving is Virtue

About kazaalhelping.org (NGO For Street Dogs) And How We Works.
kazaalhelping.org (NGO For Street Dogs) Is Vision Or step For Protecting Voiceless Animals Or Street Dogs Who Need Help Like Feeding Or Medical Treatmen In Whole Delhi & NCR.
Animals is part Of Nanture and Our work Is Protecting To Them. Like us, they require space, nourishment, and clean water. However, in our quest for progress, we frequently overlook that we share our space with a great many different animals who, because of our carelessness are left starving and sick, with almost no method for fighting for themselves. At Animals Matter to Me, we trust that all animals have the privilege of a purified situation, great nourishment, and clean water.NGO In Delhi We intend to contact the Animals and fowls we discover unhealthy and starving on our roads and give them sustenance, adjust medicinal care and a cherishing home. We likewise go for teaching the majority on creature welfare and conduct to give a brighter future to Human Beings, Dogs, and Birds alike.Dogs NGO in Delhi
Animals Matter To Me or kazaalhelping.org is an Animal Cheritable Trust that has been set up to connect with Animals and winged Animals in require. kazaalhelping.org utilizes commitments shape people and associations alike, to give nourishment and medicinal thoughtfulness regarding Animals, reptiles and flying Animals crosswise over Delhi.
kazaalhelping.org likewise offer help administrations to free NGOs, asylums, and people as foundation bolster and gifts of sustenance, daily paper, old garments, pharmaceuticals and different pleasantries. kazaalhelping.org is likewise widely associated with the creature and winged animal salvages, encouraging, appropriation, therapeutic guide, Dogs conception prevention programs, immunization programs and making mindfulness in the group. We have a gathering of experienced veterinary specialists and specialists who inform and aid all angles regarding therapeutic care running from immunization projects to performing life sparing surgeries. kazaalhelping.org NGO in Delhi additionally has an effective system of encouraging homes and volunteers committed to guarantee the improvement of the creature, reptile and fowl group nearby to our regions of the task Delhi NGO .

Dogs Shelter in Delhi

We kazaalhelping.org going to open the dogs shelter in Delhi. By this initiate, we just want to express our love for the most fun-loving animals.
As we know, dogs are the most beautiful, innocent, faithful and most importantly they are human loving animals. Dogs are the only creature who loves us more than themselves. Their love towards us is Unconditional. The opening of dogs shelter in Delhi was our dream which is now happening. You can also donate for opening the dogs shelter in Delhi. Your donation can change someone’s life. The Whole idea behind opening a dog shelter is to make a home for street dogs so that many of them can live together under a roof and can share their feelings, happiness to each other.
*Curative treatments
-We treat dogs on the spot during activities, apart from this we have our own shelter in Rohini

The facilities we can provide in a dog shelter are as follows:

  • Good Care of Dogs.
  • Three healthy meals in a day.
  • Dog bath in a week.
  • Health treatment in month end and lots more.

The best thing in our dog’s shelter in Delhi is that you can adopt a dog of your choice. Adopting a dog will be a good step for our support, and you will also get a loyal companion for you. Come and adopt a dog from our dog shelter In Delhi or feel free to share this useful information among relevant people so that interested people could find us.


Love The Nature Love The Animals Love the Humans.


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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